Regeneration projects have increased over the years with many areas benefiting from improvements in economic growth and standard of living. These urban renewal projects inject a new lease of life into a rundown area turning it from an undesirable and unwanted place to live to a highly sought after address.

There are urban development and regeneration projects in towns and cities across the UK involving commercial/industrial and residential/office premises. They all have the same goal, to encourage long-term investment and open up opportunities for residents, giving them a sense of pride in their town/city whilst safeguarding their future.

Wades Group has overseen numerous development and regeneration projects to the satisfaction of all concerned. With a willingness to understand client’s business objectives and the knowledge and experience required to deliver is one of our strengths. Working in conjunction with teams of designers, contractors and advisors we will match unique skills and expertise to project needs.

From brownfield sites to waste management and recycling, the aim is the transformation of underused or neglected areas to profitable, sustainable locations where people want to live.

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