Renovation and restoration are interchangeable terms used to describe the modernisation of a building with the aim of improving its overall condition and extending its lifespan. With restoration, the objective is to return a building to its former state of repair whilst preserving its original form and features as commonly seen with ancient or historic properties.

Wades Group has the high-level skills and expertise required for renovation and restoration projects with successful outcomes every time. Multi-disciplinary teams provide a comprehensive service that avoids the pitfalls associated with complex projects and the resulting additional costs.

There are two types of renovation work – cosmetic and structural. We undertake both types according to individual requirements and context of use. An assessment of the building starts the process with structural work followed by initial construction work, first and second fixes, and finally, finishes and decorating.

A restoration project aims for an authentic appearance that reflects the original materials and methods used whilst enhancing its heritage value. If modern fixtures and fittings are used to replace an outdated aspect or to provide security, e.g. a sensor controlled alarm system, they are installed without compromising the building’s character.

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