Soft stripping and internal demolition requirements need to be planned systematically as every subsequent step will impact progress. Whether a demolition service or major construction development is required, Wades Group will approach your project with precision planning, design and implementation.

Soft Stripping

Soft stripping techniques will identify non-structural and non-load bearing elements within a building or structure such as timber, plastics and metals. These materials will be split into responsible waste or recyclable components and disposed of or salvaged following environmental regulations and local compliance.

Internal stripping of mechanical and electrical circuitry including cabling and lighting, heating and cooling appliances will take place alongside the safe disconnection of all utilities.

Internal Demolition

Internal demolition is often required when a live environment or ecological site is involved. Our experienced structural engineers and site agents will manage the whole project to budget and deadline. Associated risks will be identified and handled with extreme care using the appropriate equipment and intricate machinery such as:

  • Cranes and lifting platforms
  • Scaffolding
  • Protective sheeting
  • Crash decks

Should asbestos be identified during any stage of the soft stripping or internal demolition process, it will be investigated and handled aptly for safe removal and disposal.

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