The refurbishment and modernisation of a building increases its saleable value, making it an attractive proposition for buyers and investors. For the business owner, enhanced appearance, reduced maintenance costs and improved efficiency are real value benefits, allowing them to focus on their day-to-day activities.

Wades Group are experts in the refurbishment and modernisation of buildings with the requisite skills and extensive knowledge required for these development services. Highly trained, dedicated teams have acquired an enviable reputation for quality of service and professionalism, proven with the successful delivery of each project.

The refurbishment process may include retrofitting or the complete installation of a feature that was not included in the original build, for example a renewable energy system as part of a nationwide drive to reduce carbon emissions.

Each building is assessed on an individual basis to determine the type and scope of refurbishment, followed by an experienced project management team to implement the process and monitor every stage to ensure the project is fit for purpose and regulations compliant.

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